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Finally all your questions will be answered so you can quit bothering me with your idiotic prayers, rants and whining.
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Phil, that’s me, is regarded as one of the coolest, if not THE coolest beings in the universe and believe me there’s a lot of beings kicking around, so it’s kind of a big thing.

I’ve written this book, a guide to you becoming grown up beings, an insight into how the universe actually works and why the rest of us laugh at you. If just a million of you were to read this guide it would do wonders for your evolution.

if you want to evolve into something worthwhile.

About PHIL
“PHIL” is a novel written in the grandest scale; with the prose of Hemingway and the insight of Jon Stewart leaving you with an education far exceeding the internet, including the porn part. Never before has a novel reached such literary heights, provoked more deep thought than Schoepenhauwer and more shock than all the Kardashians put together.

Sales are expected to exceed the bible in the first week, including all those in the seedy hotel rooms, so make sure you get on our Pre-launch list!


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  • To become smarter than everyone else
  • Be the life of every party for the rest of your life
  • Be better looking than you ever thought possible
  • Live a more debaucherous and fun life than all your friends
  • Learn the meaning of absolutely everything
  • Discover how you can stop being such a dick or for women whatever the equivalent derogatory term would be.

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